Join the leading international CBRNe event series for its fourth edition in the Middle East taking place in November 2017 in Doha, Qatar. NCT Middle East 2017 will provide outstanding opportunities to meet leading international experts, regional decision-makers and first responders in the field of CBRNe defense and response. The conference and exhibition will provide you with high-level speeches on regional CBRNe challenges and threats, approaches and state of the art equipment from CBRNe detection to decontamination and recovery, as well as regional capability building and procurement projects. With traditionally high-level speakers from all over the region, NCT Middle East 2017 is an event not to be missed.

The CBRNe threat has been rising in the Middle East with the continued use of chemical weapons (including chlorine, sarin, mustard gas and phosgene) in the conflicts in Syria and Iraq for the past three years. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and the Joint Investigative Mission (JIM) continue to look into each reported incident to identify the perpetrators and work towards eliminating the use of chemical weapons. Collapsing health care systems due to the armed conflicts have increased the risk of outbreaks of infectious diseases. Refugee flows may transfer diseases to neighboring countries and other regions. These developments underline the need for adaptive response mechanisms, effective bio-surveillance systems, new vaccines and better treatment methods. The intensified air campaign by the international coalition against Daesh is causing environmental effects and creating long-term health effects for the civilian population. The use of advanced weaponry and prohibited weapons (including phosphorus sulfur, cluster bombs) is contributing to an increasing UXO problem and new health care problems. Building on the successful previous events in Abu Dhabi, Amman, and Kuwait City, NCT Middle East 2017 will discuss this enduring threat to regional and international security. If there is anything we can learn from the pattern of conflict we face, it is that Middle Eastern states must be prepared to prevent, counter and mitigate non-conventional attacks against their polities and people. High-level representatives, experts and decision-makers will therefore discuss how military, special forces and first responders can prepare for worst-case scenarios and will thereby provide attending delegations with in-depth knowledge in all fields of CBRNe defense – from preventive measures to specific responses. IB Consultancy will assemble leading international experts and regional decision-makers and first responders to discuss this imminent threat, best practices and effective approaches in CBRNe detection, civil defense and decontamination.

NCT CBRNe Middle East Highlights

Based on the success of NCT CBRNe events in Europe, Asia and the USA, this 3-day event will face challenges and discuss novel solutions and approaches of experts from the Middle East, Northern Africa and the Caucasus. While recognizing the need for exchange of information and best practices between international decision-makers and military experts, NCT Middle East 2017 will provide the perfect platform to exchange views and novel approaches to counter this enduring threat.